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Web 2.0 Access to CICS

Welcome to Solon Solutions!

Solon Solutions is pleased to offer a unique portfolio of solutions that provide both RESTful and SOAP web services for CICS and batch applications. Web 2.0 technology is employed for all tooling and RESTful runtime solutions. A web browser serves as the user interface for tooling, thus eliminating the need for workstation based product installation, administration, and licensing. Customers are provided with a site license.

SolonRunner (Now supports Single-Page Applications) provides RESTful web browser access to CICS 3270 and commarea applications using Web 2.0 Ajax technology. Light weight RESTful web services result in fast response time, with freedom to focus on creative, feature-rich web site design. The jQuery JavaScript framework is used to issue asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) requests to the SolonRunner RESTful server. Easy to use tooling generates all necessary JavaScript code and now has full support for Single-Page Applications (SPA). SolonRunner is a Patent Pending software product.

SolonDiscovery provides 3270 flow recording, business process analysis, SOAP based web service generation for CICS 3270 applications, and generation of 3270 flow navigators for both RESTful and SOAP solutions. SolonDiscovery is a Patent Pending software product.

SolonBridge provides access to CICS 3270 applications.

SolonWSOutbound provides an outbound web service interface for CICS and batch applications.

SolonXMSBridge provides an integrated solution with OpenText's MIM for CICS, and CICS 3270 applications.

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