Solon Solutions®

Web 2.0 Access to CICS

About us

Solon Solutions was founded in 2009 with a focus on providing Web 2.0 access to CICS. Many large companies already use Web 2.0 and RESTful server technology. Our initial goal was to make these technologies easily available and useable for companies of any size. In 2010 we expanded our vision to encompass a complete portfolio of web service solutions for CICS. We now have soloutions for both RESTful and SOAP based web services for CICS and batch applications.

Jim Hollingsworth

Solon Solutions president, Jim Hollingsworth, holds a bachelors degree in information technology and has spent over 20 years with IBM crafting CICS access solutions, including the first TCP/IP gateway to CICS, the Generic Bridge, CICS Service Flow Feature, CICS RESTful servers, and the Application Deployment Manager component of Rational Developer for System z. Jim is the inventor of two internet technology patents, and has co-authored several IBM redbook publications relating to web access to CICS and 3270 bridge.