Solon Solutions®

Web 2.0 Access to CICS


First demonstrated in September 2011 and enhanced in 2012, SolonDiscovery is used in conjunction with SolonBridge to provide process discovery for IBM CICS 3270 applications. Information from the CICS CSD resource definition repository and BMS maps are extracted and combined with a recording of an actual 3270 session. Process discovery presentation allows business analysts to quickly identify business processes that are candidates for web service enablement.

A web service can then be generated after slicing a flow from the recorded session and selecting input/output fields for the web service request/response. Multiple 3270 flows may be combined into a single composite flow for support of all logic paths in a CICS 3270 application. Generated artifacts include the WSDL, WSBIND, and flow navigator.

SolonDiscovery differs significantly from other 3270 session recorders: